Why is bile acid supplementation important after gallbladder surgery?

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If someone has had his gall bladder removed, then there is nothing to store the bile that is constantly being produced, so it keeps flowing from the liver into the duodenum. So the gallbladder’s storage function is lost. This means that not enough bile gets into the duodenum when it is needed – when eating fatty foods. Fats do not emulsify, so when they enter the colon, the intestinal flora begins to break them down, causing increased gas production, bloating, and possibly constipation or diarrhea. Source: Dr. Istvan Tihanyi – Bile acids article

Abdominal complaints, such as bloating, defecation, etc., may occur as before even after the removal of the gallbladder Facing such problems, we have two options, either eating smaller portions of food and keeping a reduced-fat diet, or taking bile acids before having a meal. Bile acids help to digest fats and oils, so it is very important to replace the missing bile after biliary surgery.

Are the symptoms listed above similar?

We waited for a solution, but are the same complaints recurring as before the gallbladder removal?

Biliary surgery initially gives relief, but after a few months postcholecystectomy syndrome, a condition after the removal of the gallbladder, occurs. This occurs precisely because the fat that is constantly being deposited in the duodenum, which cannot be broken down properly, triggers a defecation reflex.

"I couldn't do without it. In January 2022 I had my gallbladder removed with stones, and I've been taking it ever since. If I forget to take it and eat fatty food, I run straight to the toilet. I'm perfectly fine taking it!"

What can be done to solve unpleasant problems?

There are three possible solutions to such problems:

  • we do nothing, but endure the bloating, diarrhoea, cramps, etc.,
  • eating smaller portions and dieting without the foods we like,
  • take a bile acid capsule before or during a meal to replace the missing bile and get the pleasure of eating again.

Problems after gall bladder surgery: bloating, stools that get light, reflux, diarrhoea, etc. can be positively influenced with 1-3 capsules of bile acid per day!

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