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Our company reserves the right to amend the provisions of this GTC. Therefore we ask you to read through the terms and conditions before each purchase. If the GTC is amended, the provisions of the GTC in effect on the date when you place your order are applicable.

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How can you order GALLMET capsules?

You can order GALLMET capsules on the following Amazon pages:

Handling Complaints

Our company aims at all times to serve our customers to their full satisfaction and ensure they are content with our services.
However sometimes problems may occur.
Please be informed that if you wish to make a complaint about our services or products, you can contact us by email at
After having received your complaint in writing in registered letter or email:, we will immediately examine your complaint and notify you of the result of the examination within no more 30 days of the receipt of your letter.

Warranty – guarantee

We undertake the warranty and guarantee set out in law for our products. The term of warranty can be seen on the packaging of each product.
By virtue of the warranty right, the warrantor undertakes to deliver a faultless product to the Customer upon purchase, which means that the product does not have a defect which will only come to light later. A defect means that the product has a defect in terms of quantity or quality.

The reason for the defect must appear when the product is used and it is the Customer’s duty to evidence that
– the defect existed upon delivery;
– it was unperceivable upon delivery;
– the defect occurred through no fault of the Customer.

By virtue of the warranty right, the Customer is entitled to replacement.

Limitation of liability
When reading it is assumed that the user is aware of and accepts the possibilities and limitations of the internet, in particular technical suitability and malfunctioning.
The website may not be made liable for the events listed below irrespective of the reason why such events occur:
• any alteration or loss of data sent and/or received by internet;
• any malfunctioning in the operation of the internet network ;
• any malfunctioning of the transmission devices on the communications lines;
• loss of any mail, but most of all, any data irrespective of whether it was received on paper or electronically;
• any malfunctioning of any software;
• the consequences of any programme error, abnormal event or technical failure.
The website is not liable on any grounds for any loss or damage which has arisen due to interconnection with the webshop, whether directly or indirectly.
It is the liability of the Customer to assess how he/she can protect him/herself from unauthorised access to his/her data stored on his/her computer.
The Customer is solely responsible for connecting to and purchasing in the website.
The website may not be held liable or called to account in the event of any force majeure or event beyond its control.


Terms of Use

When you navigate on our website, you (hereinafter “user” or “customer”) accept the terms and conditions listed below, which we are entitled to change at any time. We take it for granted that you read these terms and conditions through and you may not base any claim or complaint on the fact that you did not read them through. Wherever appearing in the document, widely used terms and expressions (such as link, website, homepage, mail etc.) are not explained, as they are part of the international internet terminology and we take it for granted that their meanings are well known, as these are terms basically necessary for the use of the internet.
The website is owned by GALLMED Ltd. responsible for the operation of this website.


GALLMET is a trademark registered in the European Union and the USA. “” is a domain name registered for the benefit of GALLMED Ltd.. The use of this protected word and name by any third party infringes the rights of GALLMED Ltd. GALLMED Ltd. is ready to take all steps necessary to stop the infringement and receive compensation for any damage incurred.
The name of any company that appears on our pages is in each case the exclusive property and the trademarks of the companies that have them registered.


We declare that any information that appears on the website may freely be used for bona fide, good purposes subject to the provisions of the copyright act.

References to borrowing information

It is not necessary to obtain our prior written consent to borrow any document on the website of GALLMED Ltd., but we request you to notify us of the borrowing of any document by email at
The website of the borrower may not make the impression that GALLMED Ltd. recommends buying any product distributed by them.
GALLMED Ltd. consents to the browsing of its own web-pages, taking and disseminating notes thereof.

Reader’s consent

In the event that you visit our website, you are deemed to acknowledge these provisions. We reserve the right to freely amend these provisions.

Data protection

Personality rights and data security

In the course of its activities, GALLMED Ltd. protects the personality rights of its visitors and customers by all means available and observes the EU laws and regulations on protection of personal data and the disclosure of data of public interest. In general it is not necessary to provide personal data to view, however for the use of some of the services it might be necessary to provide information which may affect personality rights. This information is necessary to unambiguously identify customers and users. When providing personal data, users agree that their data is used for their identification so that the ordered product can be supplied. We only collect data that enables us to physically reach our users if it is indispensable for the nature of the relevant service (e.g. webshop, promotional games etc.).

We use and store such data, which can be deemed to be personalised (but is not personal), exclusively for statistical purposes. Their further use is only permitted if expressly so required by competent authorities. If any user acts in such a way that does not comply with the provisions herein or acts unlawfully, we ourselves will take steps to identify such user to be able to commence any statutory proceedings.

Disclaimer of GALLMED Ltd.

We do not accept any liability for any result obtained from making use of any information available on the website. GALLMED Ltd. is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the content accessible (including the software used during operation) and any direct or indirect loss or damage resulting therefrom, as the content on is only indicative.
Our work is assisted by health care professionals, who you can ask questions by using their email addresses. We will forward the answer to you by email.

When you read brochures, articles or answers, please bear in mind that these do not substitute professional medical care. They are only intended for informal purposes and may not be deemed to be official health advice or recommendation.
Before making any health, business or other decision, please seek advice from a health care professional in addition to using this website; you use any information on this website at your own risk.

Please be reminded that our information is intended for adults or teenagers under their parents’ supervision. Nevertheless we state that we do not undertake any warranty for any information originating from any third party on the website.
Our pages may contain links to websites operated by third parties. If it comes to the attention of GALLMED Ltd. that any page linked or linking infringes any third party right or the laws in effect, then GALLMED Ltd. will remove the link immediately from the website. In addition GALLMED Ltd. does not accept any liability for any link used by it or the content of any website that can be reached through the links.
When publishing advertisements, we fully respect the provisions of the European Union on advertising for business purposes and the established practice of the self-regulatory advertising market.
We are happy to read your comments or proposals in relation to our pages, their content or their professional or scientific accuracy. If you have any comments, please get in touch with us by email at In each case GALLMED Ltd.. endeavours to make inquiry into any complaint and remedy any problem, if needed.

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