How does bile free the body from excess cholesterol?

How To Get Rid Of Excess Cholesterol?

"One of the ways to get rid of excess cholesterol… is cholesterol break down by own bile or by the intake of external bile. Cca. 20-30% of excess cholesterol is converted into bile acids while cca. 70% enters the gallbladder without transformation. If the liver produces less bile acid (bile) - the major cause of which is stagnant, poorly discharged bile or the lack of foods prompting bile secretion - less cholesterol is converted into bile acids and more excess cholesterol remains in the body. If, for any reason, the production of bile acids by the body is reduced and most of the cholesterol is excreted directly in the bile, the risk of gallstone formation is greatly increased. So, oral administration of bile acids can help to break down excess cholesterol."
Dr. Laszlo Tihanyi
Cholesterol and gallstones

Do we need cholesterol?

“The human body needs cholesterol, … it is a very important cell-building element and the raw material from which the body produces bile acids. Fat and fat-like foods cannot be processed by the body without cholesterol” Forrás: Anna L. Reti’s writing on Dr. Peter Legrady – Cholesterol Needs Kurir 1992

“According to cholesterol charity Heart UK six out of every 10 people in Britain have raised or abnormal levels of cholesterol in their blood but many don’t realise it as there are no outward signs.” Source: HeartUK

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How does bile free the body from excess cholesterol?



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