Bile acids have a beneficial effect on the immune system

Dr. Lorand Bertok:

"The disinfectant effect of bile acids is due to the fact that various pathogens and toxic substances contain fat, which bile acids help to break down. It is much easier for immune cells to kill pathogens whose fat-containing skeleton has already been partially degraded by bile acids. Thus, by preventing them from being absorbed, they indirectly but naturally relieve the immune system, contributing to natural resistance and physicochemical protection."

“Stomach acid in the stomach helps to neutralise and break down many bacteria, viruses, fungi and micro-organisms, and bile and bile acids in the lower intestines also have a disinfectant effect, and if there is not enough bile produced, these functions will not work properly.

If the digestive system is malfunctioning, this whole lymphatic system can become overloaded and endotoxins (toxins produced by the breakdown of bacteria) are released into the body, which would normally be neutralised by the bile. These processes trigger the production of cytokines, inflammatory factors, which can be the starting point for many digestive and skin diseases.

This not only impairs the activity of the immune system and can even lead to chronic inflammatory processes in the gut, but also contributes to arthritis, skin disorders and allergic processes. It is therefore very important to be aware when someone has a chronic inflammatory disease or a weakened immune system, skin problems, arthritis, prone to recurrent infections, it is essential to support your digestive system and reduce your bile deficiency.

Bile acids are suitable for this because they help digestion and fat breakdown on the one hand, and they also help the breakdown of endotoxins on the other. In addition, they are involved in the breakdown of various bacteria and fat-coated macro viruses (e.g. influenza, herpes, yellow fever).

So, who has digestion and/or have a biliary problem and want a little more protection against viruses, you may want to use bile acids in addition to vitamins and immune-boosting herbs as a preventative measure to counteract your bile deficiency.” Source: Dr. Erika Balaicza, internist

Bile acids against herpes!

What is herpes?

'Herpes simplex virus infects nearly 100% of the population. Weakening of the body, illness, indigestion, severe mental or physical stress, food or drink that is not sympathetic to the body, etc. can reactivate the virus and the infection can then flare up.'

How does herpes develop?

For example, if you eat too much food during a hearty meal, small herpes blisters can appear on your lips within a few days. Normally, bile acid destroys the herpes virus in the digestive tract, but our gall bladder and stomach are not prepared for these stressful meals, so the herpes virus can multiply.

What can we do against herpes?

In such cases, it is worth taking bile acid capsules in addition to conventional creams, as bile acids help the immune system to destroy lipid/fat-coated herpes viruses through their fat-busting action.

Both GALLMET bile acid capsules contain similar amounts of bile acids, but GALLMET-Mix also contains herbs that also support digestion.

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