Relationship between diabetes and bile

diabetes and bile production

How do bile acids affect diabetes?

"Diabetics complaining of biliary disorders who were given bile acids not only had their bloating and abdominal pains eliminated, but also improved their sugar tolerance, as measured by a drop in blood sugar levels. Bile acid helps glucose to flow into cells, increasing physical performance and reducing blood sugar levels. In diabetics, it is very common for cholesterol to build up in the blood. Bile acids also have a beneficial effect in helping to lower cholesterol."
Bile Acid Signaling in Diabetes

“The bile and the secretions of the pancreas are excreted into the duodenum through the same oral cavity (duodenum). If the bile is stagnant, for example because of poor diet, stressful lifestyle, drinking too much coffee, then the enzymes in the pancreas cannot be excreted along with the bile and over time these stagnant enzymes will erode the pancreatic lining and the insulin secreting glands will be damaged. If, in addition to this disorder, someone also eats too many calories over several months, they can develop diabetes.” Source: Dr. Erika Balaicza

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