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According to paragraph 6. § (2) of Regulation 37/2004 of the Ministry of Health, Social and Family Affairs, in the labelling, presentation and advertising of dietary supplements, it is prohibited to attribute prophylactic or medicinal properties to the products or to refer to such attributes. In accordance with this regulation the distributor (GALLMED Ltd.) does not attribute  prophylactic or medicinal properties to the products. The use of the products contributes to the self-healing of the body and do not substitute any medical treatment necessary, so please consult your doctor. Should you take any medication on a regular basis, do not stop taking it under any circumstances without consulting your doctor beforehand.


I have been taking Gallmet-M for 2 years. It is a very good product. It dissolved my two seven-millimetre stones and I have recently learned that my gallbladder was now completely healthy and free. My question is: can I continue taking the capsules after using them for two years or do I need to take a break?

Thank you in advance for your kind reply.


Thank you for using our product.

This is great news for us as there have been people whose gallstones were cleared but not too many. We congratulate you on your persistence and your achievement, we wish you to remain in this state.

There is no need to take a break if it supports your health. If you no longer have bile complaints, take a 1-3-6-month break. If there is a chance of developing gallstones again (hereditary predisposition, low daily fluid intake, a high-fat diet, etc.), continue with 1-2 capsules daily before main meals. The product can do no harm.

Thank you again for the good news. We wish you the best of health. Please inform us about your medical condition in 3-6 months.


Thank you very much for the good wishes!

I can only recommend this product to everyone. I gradually introduced my body to this supplement of bile supply for 1-2 weeks. Then I increased the dose to 3x1 daily, occasionally taking one extra capsule depending on the meal.

Thank you very much for the advice too! I promise to report back in half a year.

emésztési problémák

Dear Gallmet,!

I'd like to ask for your help.

For years, I have been fighting bile problems that comes and goes but then returns again. I have never had a severe, disabling seizure, it was mostly a sort of tingling pain, dull pressure in the waist and muscle reactions, making it difficult to move. At the end of October, I saw a video on YouTube of a presentation about GALLMET. I thought I'd try it. I bought a box in early November. My experience is very good. A few days after taking the product, the pain stopped. I have been taking it regularly ever since.

Yesterday I went to an ultra sound check where I was disheartened to learn that my stone that used to be 2.2 cm 3 years ago has grown to 3 cm. I have one stone.

My question is: Is there any hope that this 3-cm stone could be dissolved by the persistent use of GALLMET, or should I not have such hope?

Thank you very much in advance for your help.


Thank you for contacting us.

We are delighted that you have found the video and our product, and are particularly pleased that your health complaints have been alleviated. This is the overall effect of GALLMET that supports bile function.

Based on our experience so far, it is possible to dissolve about 10-15 mm soft cholesterol stones with GALLMET. However, we must remark that so-called hard marble limestone stones cannot be solubilized with GALLMET. But the symptoms of gallstones can be alleviated with GALLMET and the growth of gallstones can also be slowed down. We strongly ask and advise you to consult with a physician experienced in the treatment of bile problems, because if the size of the gallstone increases significantly in the next few years or the gallstone proliferates, then surgery should be considered as a last resort.

It is also strongly recommended that you drink 3 litres of healthy fluids per day as this may also have an effect on gallstones and gallstone formation.


Dear Sirs,

LIn September, I found out that I had a 7mm stone, which, unfortunately, proved to be not cholesterol based as it showed up on my liver X-ray. Unfortunately, it also causes symptoms, nausea and abdominal pain. I don't want to go for surgery so your product is my last hope. I’ve been taking your GALLMET-N capsules for six days, but I only dared to take one before lunch. Could you please tell me how many I can take a day? I also would like to know how long it takes for the product to have an effect. Several people in a group suggested that it was very good so I started taking it too.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Best regards


Dear N.M.,

Thank you for your inquiry!

GALLMET is suitable to dissolve cholesterol based stones and to alleviate cholelithiasis related complaints but we cannot confirm its effectiveness in the dissolution of non-cholesterol-based stones. However, it may also slow down the growth of existing gallstones. 1 capsule is recommended before main meals and you did well to use 1 capsule before lunch. If this fails to ease your complaints, you may take one before each of your main meals. Take as many capsules a day as prove to be enough to relieve your complaints.


I have the following question for you:

Bile acid is not present in detectable amount in my daughter's feces. Should it be measurable or is it good that it is not present?

My daughter is indeed unable to eat anything with fat.


Bile acid is not present in detectable amount in my daughter's feces. Should it be measurable or is it good that it is not present? Bile acid (colic acid), which is formed in the liver, is converted into the deoxycholic acid when it enters the large intestine. The remaining 10% is released from the body and this may be indicated by the data in the green bar.

This means that either an insufficient amount of bile is produced or the bile released from the gallbladder is not enough during meals, especially when eating greasy food.

GALLMET is specifically designed to alleviate these problems,we recommend you she takes 1 capsule before her main meals, according to the instructions in the pack. It is very likely that eating grease food will then have far fewer side effects but this may vary, as with any product, from person to person. Once you start using it, we would appreciate your feedback.


I would like to ask about your Gallmet product on behalf of several fellow patients living in Hungary with gallstone problems.

For some patients, their doctor prescribed a medicine called Ursofalk (active ingredient: ursodeoxycholic acid) to dissolve gallstones.

My question is: can the Gallmet capsules available in Hungary replace Ursofalk? Is Gallmet capable of dissolving gallstones?

Thank you in advance for your kind reply.

Best regards

Dr. D.K.

Dear Doctor!

Thank you for your inquiry. We are honoured you have contacted us with your questions to which we can give you the following answers:

1. GALLMET products are also suitable for dissolving gallstones but please note the following.

2. Experience shows that there is a chance of dissolving cholesterol stones (i.e. soft stones) of less than 10-15mm. But this also depends on the individual.

3. There are so-called hard stones (i.e. marble or lime tinged stones) that can be identified by X-ray but cannot be dissolved using GALLMET. However, GALLMET can relieve complaints relatively well and maintain the pleasure of meals until surgery or up to the surgical limit of stone growth.

4. We specifically know of a lady, a pharmacist, who managed to dissolve her gallstones on her own with the assistance of her ultrasound doctor but there may be others.

5. We do not know exactly how effective GALLMET is in gallstone dissolution compared to URSOFALK but it is likely that 3-6 GALLMET capsules a day contain enough bile acid for dissolution. Due to this increased amount, especially when taking more than 3 capsules daily, medical monitoring is recommended. Although overdosing GALLMET may only lead to some degree of diarrhoea, more significant health risk is not to be expected but of course it depends on the individual as well.

6. Ursofalk Study

    GALLMED Ltd.
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