The influence of bile acids on psoriasis

psoriases and bile acids

Psoriasis is one of the most common skin diseases

"Bile acids in the gut block the absorption of bacterial endotoxins (internal poisons) that are produced there. This is due to its anti-psoriatic (psoriasis) effect. Bile deficiency suppresses the absorption of endotoxin and thus the release of cytokines. The effect of cytokines on the pathogenesis of psoriasis supports the role of bacterial endotoxins. In fact, treating psoriasis with bile acid is not a medical treatment but remedying a physiological deficiency."
Dr. Klara Gyurcsovics and Dr. Lorand Bertok
Role of bile acids and endotoxins in the development and treatment of psoriasis (Medical Weekly 2000)

“Many skin diseases are related to bile function, because if the body has a persistent poor bile excretion and fats are not broken down well, then the intestine will undergo intense putrefaction processes, which will produce endotoxins (internal toxins) that irritate and inflame the intestinal wall and make the intestinal lining more permeable to these endotoxins. These can then be released into the lymphatic system and blood and cause inflammation and allergy-like symptoms on the skin. One skin symptom is psoriasis, but it can also be eczema, allergies, rashes, etc.

The treatment of psoriasis is a complex task, which can include and accelerate the intake of bile acids to promote proper bile production and bile excretion.” Source: Dr. Erika Balaicza, internist

“Based on literature, 551 patients with psoriasis were treated with oral bile acids for 1-8 weeks. Of the patients given, 434 (78.8%) became symptom-free.Of the 249 patients who received conventional treatment, only 62 (24.9%) became symptom-free during the same period. This effect of bile acids is due to the fact that it neutralises endotoxins, the internal toxins contained in the bacteria found in our gut. The bile does not allow these internal toxins to enter the bloodstream, but destroys them so that they cannot appear on the skin in the form of psoriasis.” Source: Vitality Volume 141 (2000) Number 17

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