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I am writing to you because a lot of people have cholesterol problems. Me too, for years! At times it was as high as a 7.6. Now in March it was 6.60 and LDL was 4.2. I always used to have stomach problems when I ate in the morning, then when I had lunch I would get bloated and h nausea. The gastroenterologist stuffed me with acid reducing medication but no improvement. There were small cholesterol bumps in my gallbladder, but in principle everything was fine. I started searching the internet because my cholesterol, especially LDL, scared me. Then I found an article, according to which the human body can only neutralize the cholesterol with bile and capsules with bovine bile. In my exasperation, I bought a pack GALLMET capsules and took them as prescribed. I think my blood test is speaks for itself !!! My current result is down to 5.40 and my  LDL is normal! In one and a half months !!!


Dear Gallmet,

I am pleased to inform you that after several weeks of suffering from gallbladder problems earlier this year, my complaints have ceased – now for two or three months – thanks to your product Gallmet-N containing natural bile acids
First I was took Gallmet-M (for 1 week), the  one with a combination of herbs, which also proved to be very effective because it gave an immediate relief from the symptoms but the herbs had some undesired side effects. Then I tried pure bile acid preparation, Gallmet-N and after some experimenting I found I needed 1 capsule every 1-2 days for complete relief.
It means that:
– I have not had any spasms for months;
– I can eat anything I want, including bread with goose fat and spices;
– and the capsule itself has no side effects.
(In my experience, minimal side effects of individual-dependent “overdose” may include: dry mouth, thirst, very mild gusts, but in my case they do not occur when I take1-2 capsules every day or every second day.)

Based on all this, I want to thank you for your products.


Dear Gallmet team,
Thank you for the Gallmet diet supplement.
I was saw the product on the TV. I am 45 years old, I like to exercise, but in recent years my cholesterol level has slowly but steadily increased as high as 6.5 when last measured. I worried me as my family doctor said it was a hereditary predisposition. According to him, if this tendency continues, I will have to take cholesterol-lowering medication.
I also got myself into a vicious circle, my stomach ached so I took a laxative and then my kidneys got completely done, but if I didn’t take a laxative then I suffered.
The problems have completely disappeared since I started taking Gallmet pills and everything is back to normal, which is more than I hoped for.
Last summer a myoma was found in my uterus (unfortunately not a small one).
Immediately after your product on TV, I bought Gallmet – N pills. (I first ordered online, then looked in the nearby pharmacy where it was ordered for me and has been ever since as needed).
I feel very good, I feel better day by day, my skin is smoother and my stomach is not puffed, my myomas are completely symptom-free. Movement is easier too, do not get exhausted. I can bear physical strain longer.
I buy this product for my mom, she’s also taking it and has experienced similarly good results.
I’m due now for my next a lab test, which, I think, will show that my cholesterol has improved.
In your opinion, even if it cannot eliminate myomas, can Gallmet make the symptoms caused by them go away? (In my experience so far, the answer is yes.)
I really hope to be able to purchase Gallmet dietary supplements long term so I wish you all the best !!!
I showed the product description to my general practitioner, he said he thought it was good and would recommend it to others.
It would be great if more people knew about the benefits of this product.


I sincerely thank you for your notification, I have sent your online contact information to a large number of my friends as there are several studies available that contribute to our well-being and the quality of daily life. Even by following just some of the advice, one can a much healthier life. It would be good to continue the exchange of experiences in the forum with other readers.
We have always liked egg dishes and since we have read about the role of bile acid on your website, we have been consciously incorporating egg into our diet and feel its positive effect.


I would like to share my experience with you regarding the prize I won. I used to suffer a lot from heartburn, hyperacidity and digestive problems and also had gallstones removal surgery. I am writing about all this in the past tense because now they are gradually becoming history. I have no cramps, heartburn etc. any more. I can say only positive things about the products. I’m sure I’ll look for the opportunity to purchase them. Thank you.

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